Working at The American Club

The Club's goal is to maintain our reputation for excellence and to develop the finest private club in our industry.

We strive to employ the most qualified people and to encourage them to reach their greatest potential and goals. Working at the Club offers you the opportunity to participate in comprehensive training and experience excellent career development opportunities. Join us now!

Compensation and Benefits

We provide our staff with competitive packages that consists of many different types of compensation and benefits. We also have a strong culture of recognizing outstanding work and years of service!

  • Medical / Dental Cover
  • Bonus / Staff Gratuity
  • Annual / Birthday Leave
  • Transportation Allowance
  • 5 days work week
  • Maternity / Paternity Leave
  • Life Insurance
  • Staff Award Program
  • Duty Meals
  • Training Allowance

* All the above compensation and benefits may vary in accordance to employee grade level

Career Growth

We provide staff with a broad range of career opportunities and equip them to be multi-functional and multi-skilled. The diverse experience of working in different roles and teams is both valuable and crucial for future career growth within the club.

Learning and Development

All colleagues are encouraged to develop their skills and expand their knowledge continuously. Everyone can take advantage of a wide variety of ongoing courses and seminars and workshops, on management, business, service delivery and leadership, as well as on specific technical skills.